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Our Motto: Uniting the equine community.

Our Mission: To act on behalf of the New Mexico equine community through education and promoting activities benefiting all equine interests.

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Need to have a colt gelded, but the budget is tight?  Apply to Project Gelding for assistance.


New Mexico Livestock Board News



Update: All horses need to be in compliance with the NMRC rules as of today.  

NMRC Contagious Equine Disease Protocols

  1. All racehorses entering any NMRC licensed racetrack or training center must be accompanied by copies of the horse's registration certificate, a current health certificate, and vaccination records. Health certificates for horses traveling intra-state must have been issued within the last 72 hours. Health certificates for horses traveling inter-state must have been issued within the last seven days.
  2. The health certificate should state to the best of the examining veterinarian's knowledge:
    1. the horse does not show clinical signs of any infectious or contagious equine diseases;
    2. the temperature of the horse at the time of the examination; and
    3. the horse has not received medication that has been shown to reduce the horse's temperature within the past 24 hours.
  3.      NMRC requires that all horses entering any NMRC licensed racetrack or training center must have proof of:
    1. negative annual Coggins test;
    2. negative Piroplasmosis (Babesia equi) test completed within the last two years for Quarter Horses;
    3. Influenza vaccination with the last six months;
    4. Rhinopneumonitis vaccination within the last six months;
    5. Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis, Tetanus, and West Nile vaccination within the last 12 months; and

Owners and trainers should consult with their practicing veterinarian concerning  the vaccination regime for their horses, but the vaccinations listed in 3.c-e above will be required to enter NMRC licensed racetracks and training centers beginning April 1, 2016. All other training facilities, fairgrounds, horse farms, stables, arenas and other horse facilities are advised to follow these same recommendations as may be required by the New Mexico Livestock Board.

NMRC Contagious Equine Disease Protocols
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NMHC Newsletter  Winter 2016


Calendar of Equine Events
Our Calendar now has its own page.  If you have an event planned, please send complete information to


Project Gelding
Financial assistance for stallion owners with the cost of castration
See the Poster!

Here are the  information and forms you need.  These are pdf files.  
If you need Adobe reader, get it here FREE.
What is Project Gelding?
Criteria for Stallions
Owner Application
Liability Waiver

Contact Kristin Darnell-Kreger for further information, 505-400-7438
or email Project Gelding


Plan NOW!
Develop a plan for your horses and other equines in case of natural or other disaster. (pdf file)

Long Range Disaster Planning: Safety Provisions for Equines


Legal Status of Horses
The American Horse Council published a white paper on the legal status of horses.  Read it here.

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