• 01

    Public policy & Legislative affairs

    Monitor federal, state and local legislation; develop official NMHC statement on pending legislation; create Action Alerts for distribution to NMHC members; inform and educate federal, state and local legislators about equine activity in New Mexico. Develop partnerships with New Mexico agencies including forest service, livestock board, etc.

  • 02

    industry support & Fundraising

    Develop variety of revenue sources including sponsorships, sale of promotional items to increase NMHC revenue. Coordinate equine clinics or expos to support the NM equine industry

  • 03

    equine activities, trails & Public facilties

    Develop and implement equine activities that benefit the New Mexico equine community; support development and maintenance of multi use trails including outreach to other organizations.

  • 04

    member services & programs

    Develop and implement member benefits program, membership campaign and membership retention programs.

  • 05

    education & information - State Fair

    Coordinate use of facility during NM State Fair. Recruit and train volunteers to work booth and provide educational programs during state fair.

  • 06

    education & information - Facebook

    Develop and implement schedule for weekly posts; work with member services committee to support membership campaign. Monitor equine community group posts to remove inappropriate or irrelevant posts.

  • 07

    education & information - Youth

    Develop and implement educational equine programs for New Mexico and cultivate interest in serving in leadership roles within the equine community

  • 08

    education & information - public outreach

    Develop and implement plan for public outreach events in diverse geographical regions of New Mexico

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