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Free Digital Access to American Farriers Journal’s Premium Content through May

To help provide the industry with valuable advice and information to help overcome the challenges placed on their business by COVID-19, American Farriers Journal editors are making all of the premium website content free to access until May 31, 2020.

BROOKFIELD, Wis.— The coronavirus behind the spread of COVID-19 is affecting life across the globe, resulting in business shutdowns, shelter-in-place rules, supply chain disruptions and more. It also unfortunately has, and will continue to, significantly influence the horse world. Attempts to manage the outbreak have caused equine businesses to close, and nearly every stage of equine competition to shut down. In the United States, decisions made by federal and state governments have changed the business and recreational use of horses. Because of the widespread impact on the horse world, inevitably farriery also will be influenced. Several weeks into the U.S. efforts in curtailing the potential harm of the virus, there already are changes witnessed by farriers. In an effort to help the equine hoof-care industry avoid and overcome challenges placed on their businesses by COVID-19, equine hoof-care trade publication American Farriers Journal has announced that they are providing free access to the American Farriers Journal digital database to anyone who can use it to educate themselves from its almost 12,000 hoof-care articles, webinars, podcasts and e-guides. Commenting on American Farriers Journal’s efforts to give back to the industry, marketing manager Dallas Ziebell states, “American Farriers Journal’s audience and influence is very grassroots, and the path from paper to practical application of the business strategies we share is very short and direct. So, the quicker we can get our premium content to our audience, for free, the sooner it has a chance to impact their businesses positively and help them avoid and overcome challenges presented by the pandemic. The hope is that by providing full access to the world’s largest online hoof-care resource, it will in some small way help overcome the challenges placed on farriers’ business by COVID-19.” American Farriers Journal’s premium online content allows equine hoof-care professionals to:

  1. Research, educate and learn from hoof-care experts and fellow farriers.

  2. Keep current with hoof-care industry news, new products and events.

  3. Dig deep into American Farriers Journal resources, past issues, videos, webinars and podcasts.

  4. Comment on online content and communicate directly with American Farriers Journal staff and your hoof-care peers.

Equine hoof-care professionals may access American Farriers Journal’s premium content through May 31, 2020 for free by completing a short form here.

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