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Hauling Precious Cargo? What Every Rider Needs to Know Before They Go

Whether it’s down the road or hundreds of miles, when it comes to trailering horses, a lot can go wrong from point A to B. Julie Goodnight shares what every rider needs to know before they load up in the latest episode of Ride On with Julie Goodnight. (

“Loading horses into trailers and hauling them down the road—no matter how far you are going—is a huge undertaking, and it can be scary, especially to the uninitiated,” says Goodnight. “A lot of pieces have to fall into place to have a stress-free trip, but the more prepared you are, the smoother it will go!”

Goodnight discusses trailer selection and maintenance, loading a horse and getting him used to the trailer, “pre-flight” checklists, and more to make sure your precious cargo is comfortable and safe on the road.

“With nearly half a century of experience hauling horses, I’ve learned a few tricks-of-the-trade,” says Goodnight.

The episode concludes with the popular What the Hay? Q&A segment. This time, Goodnight answers listener-submitted questions about a trail horse who only wants to be in the lead, a novice rider on a hot-blooded horse, and a typically respectful horse who rears when he’s nervous.

Listen and subscribe to Ride On with Julie Goodnight at or any podcast app.

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