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Mike Major, Talks About Building a Successful Business on How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast

If you were taking a ride with someone who’s had a successful horse business for more than 55 years, what would you ask?

How about if that same person had also won multiple American Quarter Horse Association World Championships and, more recently, been crowned the World Champion of Colt Starting at Road to the Horse 2022?

Those questions from the everyday horse business owner are what Denise Alvarez, host of the How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast, had in mind as she was chatting with Mike Major of Mike Major Horsemanship in her most recent episode.

Whether you’re in the English or Western world, or even have a mix of the two going on, every horse business owner can appreciate someone who has been able to build a business doing what he loves that’s stood the test of time.

On the podcast this week, Mike is sharing a behind-the-scenes look at

  • how he makes decisions in his business

  • what it looks like to pivot

  • his best advice for fellow horse business owners.

Listen to Denise’s conversation with Mike Major on all major podcast players or head to

If you follow the podcast, then next week you’ll meet Mike’s daughter Alexa Major Wilcox who heads up marketing at Mike Major Horsemanship. She’ll take you behind the scenes and sharing some of the key questions she asked her dad and the rest of their team as they were going through a rebuilding and rebranding process the past few years.

  • Listen to 5 Keys to Building a Sustainable Horse Business with Mike Major at

  • Listen to How to Build a Business That’s True to You With Alexa Major Wilcox at (available Wednesday, June 15)

“I’m a big believer in learning from those who have gone before you,” said Denise. “While most people see Mike as a horseman—and he certainly is—it’s important to also realize there have been some intentional business choices he’s made along the way that have allowed him to continue doing what he loves and to do it at such a high level. I’m so grateful both he and Alexa took the time to share their insights with their fellow horse business owners.”

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